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Yoga Class Descriptions



Any class denoted on the schedule with "gentle" or "gentle/beginner" will be still follow the general description as given below, just in a milder, more gentle form.  All classes are taught with the assumption that every practitioner has had SOME Yoga experience/instruction.  For first-time students, please inquire about a private session with Sarah ahead of time.  Students with injuries, disabilities, etc which may inhibit them from practicing safely within the group must also connect with Sarah prior to joining the class.  Sarah can be reach at 269-719-6022.

Restorative with Guided Meditation  Wind down from your day and consciously rest.   Let your body and soul soften.  Find spaciousness through completely relaxing into the support of the bolsters, blankets, straps and pillows.  Let go of your agenda, worries, or tensions as you either move on through your day with more openness, or prepare your body for a truly restful night’s sleep.  Please bring all of your own props for virtual classes.  

Hatha Flow  Hatha simply refers to the practice of physical Yoga postures (Asana), mindfulness, and Pranayama (breathing techniques).  Hatha Yoga practices are designed to tone and lengthen muscles; align and calm the body, mind, and spirit. 

Each class is designed to create a well-rounded experience, including all or some of the following:  conscious breathing, meditation, seated postures, standing poses, inversions, arm balances, and standing balancing poses.  Flow, or Vinyasa, sequences through Sun Salutations warm the body and focus the mind.  Some experience necessary, and we will meet and honor ourselves where we are today.

Heart-Opening Hatha  Be gentle with your sweet little self and your sweet little heart.  Bring awareness to the Anahata Chakra at the center of your chest and practice with LOVE.   On the soft and gentle side of things, with a focus on heart-opening Pranayama and Asana.

Twisted Hatha  A supple spine is a healthy and youthful spine!  We’ll focus on twisting postures, adding a greater level of detoxifying, toning, and stretching effects for the spine, organs, and mind.

Moving Meditation through Sun Salutations  We start with movement and don’t stop until the end!  This class moves almost constantly through Surya Namaskara A and B, incorporating various standing and balancing poses.  A fair amount of focus will be placed on your intention and breath.  Little time is spent on the finer points of each pose or individual instruction, so prior experience is highly recommended. You will probably sweat, you will probably be challenged, and you will probably find something special and shiny deep within.

30-Minute Rise-n-Shine Hatha  A sweet and gentle start to the day.  We ease into the morning with softness, awareness, intention and grace., 269-719-6022


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