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Yoga Group Class Scheule

The studio is OPEN for July!  Sarah is offering VIRTUAL Yoga Classes, with the option to reserve studio space during these times.  Please know that she is not vaccinated, and will not be wearing a mask in the studio.  


The Zoom links to the classes will be posted on the morning of the classes, to a special messenger group created for participants.  You will have to ask to be added to the group. 

If you'd prefer another method to receive the links or have any other questions, please contact Sarah directly either by phone/text 269-719-6022, email, or through The Sacred Soul Facebook page.  

Thank you for your continued participation, and for helping to raise YOUR vibration and capacity for love and healing, as well as for our whole universal family.


July 2021 Group Yoga Classes with Sarah Monarca  (as of 7/1/21)

**Drop-ins are welcome, please RSVP to any class you're planning to attend.**


5:00pm Moving Meditation thru Sun Salutations (Level 1-2)

8:00pm Restorative with Guided Meditation (All Levels)


8:30am 30-minute Rise-n-Shine Hatha (All Levels)

6:45pm Hatha Deets - Discover some of the finer points of some of the postures in your regular practice.  2-3 postures per week.  In-studio only.  90 minutes, $20/class or $75/July


10:00am Heart-Opening Hatha (Gentle/Beginner)

6:00pm Twisted Hatha Flow (Level 1-2)


10:00am Hatha Flow @ Chimney Corners 6/30/21 and 7/7/21

6:00pm Hatha Flow (Gentle/Beginner)

8:00pm Restorative with Guided Meditation (All Levels)


8:30am 30-minute Rise-n-Shine Hatha (All Levels)

10:00am Hatha Flow (Level 1)

     Friday & Saturday

Additional/Outdoor/Offsite/Series to be added at a later date.  

**Private Classes available upon request**


Private classes (groups or 1:1) are available upon request.  $50 Minimum/$15 per person.  Private classes/outings are usually 1.5-2 hours.

All regularly scheduled group classes are 60-75 mintues.

$15/Drop-in, $65/5, $120/10  Pre-paid packages expire after 2 months.

Join a second class in a single day for $5 more

Unlimited Package:  one month @$120

To pay for a Virtual class, Sarah will email you an invoice, and you can either pay it directly with a credit card (processing fee applies), or mail a check.  Venmo also accepted.  You can also pay for an in-person class at that time, either cash, credit card or check.

Schedule is subject to change at any time.  Please RSVP to confirm.

Changes made to class days/times will be posted as early as possible in the Virtual Group Yoga Messenger Group Page, on our website ( and Facebook page (@massageandyoga).  Refunds on any pre-paid packages are not available for any reason.


A note from Sarah:  All classes are pretty much level 1-2, unless otherwise noted, with some experience required.  We can take it up or down a notch, depending on the group.  I will guide you safely; and help support your practice and well-being.  The most important thing is to be mindful of your own body, and your own needs and limitations.  If you are interested in a beginner class, family class, a more advanced or a private class, please contact me to set something up!

I have been teaching and practicing for over 17 years.  I’m passionate about celebrating life, love, food, the earth, connection, and evolving with others.  I am so excited to meet you on the mat, or out in the magical and beautiful natural world around us!

Please let me know if you don't see a class/time that works for you.  I am open to adding, changing, or otherwise adjusting classes to suit your needs and schedule!

For Yoga and Thai Yoga Therapy inquiries, please call/text Sarah at 269-719-6022, or email

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